NYC Schools Account ( NYCSA) Enrollment History and ( ELL) Status

Beginning October 25, parents with an NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) can view their child’s enrollment history and English Language Learner (ELL) status. After the school-defined release of report card grades in STARS, parents will also be able to view the following additional grade information on the “current” data tab in NYCSA:
*Marking-period grades for elementary school students will include subject competencies and the corresponding marks.
 *Final grades for middle school and high school students will include the number of credits attempted and credits earned for each subject.

NYC Schools Account : How To Register

How To Register

How To Register

Register for an Account in Person or Online
To set up an account, you must be your child's parent or legal guardian and live at the same address with the child. If you have more than one child attending an NYC public school, you can link all of them to the same NYC Schools Account. You can register for an NYC Schools Account in two ways:

Use the NYC Schools Account Creation Code provided in the letter from your school; OR
Visit your child's school in person to receive a temporary password.
To register in person:
Visit your child's school, or schedule an appointment to create an account. When setting up an account, be sure to bring:

A valid photo ID:
Driver’s license, State ID, or permit;
Your child's 9-digit NYC student ID number (you can find this on your child's academic records, including a report card). If you do not have your child’s ID number, ask your school.
A valid email address . Register for a free email address using Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

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